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Our Technology built and supported by our in-house development team

Technology is at the heart of everything that Matrix SCM do, from providing an end-to-end procurement platform for our Clients, through to our demand sites that help Suppliers and Candidates.

Our Technology


Matrix-CR.Net is our proprietary technology that sits at the heart of all we do.

It’s powerful, yet simple to use and automates the hiring process from start to finish. It speeds everything up, delivering a greater range of suitable candidates, increasing fulfilment and keeping costs down.

It’s a web-based service, so it can be accessed by PC, tablet or smartphone. There’s no software to download or updates to manage – just use it wherever and whenever required. And it’s secure, meeting ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 Certified Hosting Facilities criteria.

We also use it to automate the procurement process, from supplier accreditation and enrolment through to payment.

By breaking down the end to end process into clearly distinguishable individual steps, customers can implement corporate policy decisions at each step, then measure and monitor the effectiveness of these decisions on their organisation’s purchasing behaviour.


Demand Management Module (DMM)

Having the right number of employees - with the right skills - in place at the right time is a critical link in delivering superior customer service and managing costs.

The DMM is an enhanced reporting tool which provides Senior Managers and Executives with real-time management information in relation to their organisations use and expenditure on either temporary, interim or permanent workforce.

Using Google Analytics, you can reveal data on spend, demand, locality, social values and SME agendas. Quickly generate summary views of how your organisation’s using temporary workers, and why. This gives you greater control and reveals areas and ways to ultimately reduce demand.


Supplier Demand Site

The Matrix Supplier Demand site supports our customers in establishing long-term and sustainable local supply chains.

Suppliers who are considering providing services to our customers, are able to view each individual customer’s historic and future demand for services, and then use this information in order to make an informed decision as to whether they wish to form part of the customers supply chain.


Candidate Demand Site

Matrix recently developed and launched the Candidate Demand site which enables local job seekers to view our customers’ demand for temporary staff, and then puts the local job seeker directly in contact with local agencies who are signed up to supply through Matrix. In doing so, agencies benefit from a continuous flow of new candidates without having to incur any candidate attraction costs.

Service Models Available

Primary Contractor

Under a Primary Contractor model, Matrix will contract directly with customers, and in turn will enter into sub-contract arrangements with suppliers; acting as a Managed Service Provider.

Our Primary Contractor model is best suited for those customers who are looking to outsource all responsibility for managing the end to end procurement process to Matrix.

Customers will be provided with the following services as standard under our primary contractor model:

  • Matrix-CR.Net
  • Matrix-CR.Net Implementation
  • Account Management
  • Business Management

Software as a Service

Most of our customers engage with us under a primary contractor model; best suited for those customers who are looking to outsource all responsibility for managing the end to end procurement process to Matrix. However, customers can utilise our ‘SaaS’, or Software as a Service offering.

Customers who partner with Matrix under a SaaS model, simply license Matrix-CR.Net rather than purchase it. Customers will be required to pay an annual license fee for the software, and can then decide which if any professional services they wish to purchase from Matrix. In turn, your organisation will retain a direct contractual relationship with their suppliers.