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We pride ourselves on building communities, working with local groups, partners and the HR industry to share knowledge and best practise

As market leaders, we believe it is our duty to drive community initiatives with our clients to support their local communities which can be seen within our Social Value work. On top of that, we work heavily with associations within the industry such as the PPMA to help share knowledge and also invest in Podcasts and Research work to support the wider HR Community.

Who are we building Communities with?

As an organisation, we have identified three key stakeholders that we believe as the market leader we want to be supporting and driving community engagement work with:


Clients Local Areas

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Partners, Frameworks and Associations

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Wider HR Industry

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Working with Clients in their Local Communities:

We actively drive community engagement with our clients in their local areas through our Social Value team. Below you can learn more about our team and a piece of technology we have created to help career seekers:

Partners, Frameworks and Associations:

Within our community, we also work with partners and associations to share best practise with them to their members. From workshops to conferences, members of the Matrix SCM team are always out on the road working with associations and organisations who are all striving to improve the community. This also looks internally at our organisation, to showcase that we are working to the highest standards we always ensure we are a member of, and have passed vetting on all the leading frameworks. 

HR Community:

With the wider HR Community, we actively run research into best practise and knowledge from our teams and clients. On top of that, we actively produce podcasts on the first Wednesday of every month to further accommodate sharing insights from clients, organisations and other members of the industry. 

Want to get involved in the Community

Want to get involved? If you have any questions please contact Matrix SCM using the details below and one of our friendly team will be in touch to help you.