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Our Hybrid Model is a tailored approach where we work with you to combine the different elements of our Neutral Vendor Managed Service and Dynamic Purchasing System to meet your specific organisation's needs 

Matrix SCM's blended Hybrid Approach allows customers to further tailor our system and services to cater for requirements across 'Generic', 'Specialist' and 'Interim' job categories. Our Hybrid model is built around your organisation's exact recruitment needs, meaning no one solution looks the same. 

Understanding our Hybrid Model

Matrix SCM's vision is to bring Technology and People together to improve Clients recruitment processes and supply chains. This is true in our blended Hybrid Model Approach, where we combine our market-leading system with expert staff to create 'Recruitment Pathways' to assist customers in finding the best candidates:


Hybrid Approach Explained

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Customers Experience

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Tailor the approach to your needs

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What's different with our Hybrid Approach?

Built around your organisation's exact recruit needs, our Hybrid Model involves us creating specific 'Recruitment Pathways' according to the exact needs of each hiring manager. Helping you to find the best-fit candidates through your supply chain of recruitment agencies, in a manner that best suits your way of working.

This approach utilises our end-to-end procurement system Matrix CR as a Dynamic Puchasing Solution, you get the benefits of our software that manages the process of engaging temporary staff in a streamlined and simple manner, tailored to your organisations specific requirements. Combined with an approach that provides more emphasis on the people element of your solution, giving a higher touch of support on certain job categories that are specialist or interim.

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Who uses Matrix SCM's blended Hybrid Model?

Our Hybrid Approach is ideal for Authorities with very diverse and complex agency requirements that have had a Neutral Vendor or Master Vendor arrangement in place previously. 


Quotes from Customers:

Tell us your requirements and we will tailor our Hybrid Approach:

Want to learn more? If you give us an idea of what you need from your Managed Service Provider, an expert member of our team will get in touch to show how we can tailor our Hybrid Model to help you achieve them: