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Our annual System License gives clients the tools they need to insource the procurement of recruitment agencies through Matrix CR, our market-leading Vendor Management System

Matrix SCM's annual System License is a Software-As-A-Service solution, giving your team access to Matrix CR that is built specifically for managing hiring processes and recruitment agency supply chains. Giving our clients the power to have full visibility and total control of agency spend through a Dynamic Purchasing System.

What is included in our Matrix CR System License?

Focusing on the Technology aspect of Matrix SCM's vision to bring Technology and People together to improve Clients recruitment processes and supply chains. Our Matrix CR annual System License gives in-house teams the tools they need to drive down spend and increase visibility and control:


Vendor Management System

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Flexible Recruitment Agency Supply Chain

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Accreditation and Enrolment of Agencies

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Vendor Management System:

Matrix CR is our proprietary web-based technology application that automates the end-to-end process of procuring temporary, interim and permanent staff. Enabling our customers to order and review candidates, manage timesheets and supplier payment, receive management information, and effectively manage the supply chain.

Customers who partner with Matrix SCM under our Matrix CR System License, which is a Software As A Service model, simply pay an annual license fee for the software and can then decide which if any professional services they wish to purchase on top of the system. Working through a Vendor Managed System like Matrix CR, allows customers to retain a direct contractual relationship with their suppliers and have the ability to run a Dynamic Purchasing System.

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Flexible Supply Chain

By managing your recruitment agency supply chain through Matrix CR you can create a flexible supply chain that isn't fixed like a preferred supplier list. Ensuring you are always getting a consistent stream of high-quality candidates by adding agencies to job category specific supply chains as and when you need too.

Creating a breathable supply chain that increases and decreases to meet your ever-changing requirements across all job categories. 

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Accreditation and Enrolment of Agencies:

Matrix CR is purpose-built to manage recruitment agencies supply chains, which means over the last 10 years we have built an accreditation and enrolment model that you will have access to. Our system will manage all documents needed to enrol a supplier, such as but not limited to insurance documents and policies.

This process can be tailored to your need, so to become a supplier, recruitment agencies will need to provide you with whatever documentation you see fit. All the time hosting it in on Matrix CR for safe and compliant hosting, which also provides easy auditing. 

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Who uses our Matrix CR System License?

Our Matrix CR System License is the perfect service for an organisation operating an in-house agency or those with enough internal resource to manage the agency contract on their own, without the professional support of a managed service provider.


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