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As a managed service provider, we actively support a range of stakeholders across our clients, supply chain of recruitment companies and communities we work with

Matrix SCM is a market leader in Managed Services for Contingency Resourcing, being in this position means we actively support our Clients helping them to meet their goals, our Supply Chain by opening them up to new opportunities, and finally Communities by driving social value in local areas to help career seekers.

Who do the teams at Matrix SCM support?

We love the concept of 'We Support', that is our role as a company. We support a range of stakeholders in multiple different ways, here we are going to focus on how we support: 


Our Clients across a range of industries

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Our Supply Chain of Recruitment Agencies

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Our Communities and their Career Seekers

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We Support Clients across a range of industries

At Matrix SCM we support over 100 organisations across a range of sectors that all have an extensive selection of job categories that they recruit for. Although the type of roles varies, all of our clients have common goals, they all need to reduce spend, increase efficiency and ensure all workers are a complaint. We help our clients reach these goals by creating a tailored supply chain of staffing agencies for each job category, ensuring that the workers are suitable and compliant with all legal requirements of the sector and role. Click the links to the different sectors we support to see how we tailor our systems and services to support the industry's specific needs.


Supporting the Public Sector:

We are leading the way in the Public sector frameworks such as MSTAR3, YPO and NPS Wales. We have been delivering local and national government efficiency and cashable savings since 2008, leveraging their total spend to gain a better price from our 'long tail' of suppliers. We are also an approved supplier on multiple NHS frameworks and we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to agency staffing solutions.

Supporting the Private Sector:

Our solution works within a vast range of sectors in the private sector because of the flexibility our technology provides. We also help non-for-profit organisations such as charities and housing associations to achieve significant savings and manage their full end-to-end recruitment process.

We Support our Supply Chain of recruitment agencies

Managing over £450 million of temporary agency spend a year, recruitment companies that sign up to our Supply Chain gain access to greater opportunities. On top of this, our main solution is a Neutral Vendor approach, which means this is a level playing field between the largest international recruitment agency, through to local SME's.

Matrix SCM has a dedicated Supplier Engagement team, who meet and talk to suppliers about contracts, legislation, and how we plan on managing industry changes. They ensure we maintain continuous communication with our suppliers and actively engage with new suppliers and local SME's.

We also keep our website up to date to ensure that suppliers can see our open supply chains via our Supplier Enrolment pages here.


Our Communities and their Career Seekers

As a company we pride ourselves on supporting communities, we actively engage and build relationships with our client's local communities, our partners, frameworks we are members of and the wider HR community we support. 

For Matrix SCM this is important, we believe as a market-leader we should be providing more than fantastic service, we should be supporting our clients wider business goals. From holding employability workshops in local community centres, through too sharing best practise from leading councils on our podcasts. We are always actively engaging and giving back to the communities we work with.

You can learn more about our work on our communities page here.


How can we support you?

We want to understand how we can support you to help you reach your organisation's goals. If you have any questions, please contact Matrix SCM using the details below and one of our friendly team will be in touch to help you.