What we do

Matrix-CR.Net automates the end-to-end process of procuring agency staffing services, from order creation through to supplier payment. This provides our customers with a more streamlined ordering process; giving a more controlled, transparent and compliant way to engage agency staff.

We break down the recruitment process with our four simple steps to success:



4 steps to success

Supply Chain Creation

grow your supply chain

Our Neutral Vendor solution will grow your supply chain.

We'll work with local SMEs and national agencies to ensure you have the best candidate, at the best price.

work with local SME's

Our Hiring Process

end to end recruitment process

We use powerful technology to manage the end to end recruitment process. Our CR.Net system is intuitive and easy to use.

Our dedicated Account Managers guarantee 100% candidate compliance from the word 'go'.

100% candidate compliance

Timesheets and Invoicing

electronic timesheets

We provide electronic timesheets - that can be completed on the go.

Only once timesheets and expenses are approved, are consolidated invoices generated.

consolidated invoices

Management Information

Receive real-time information

Receive real-time information at the click of a button, all sent direct to your inbox.

See what your organisation is spending - on who, where and why, through 50+ customisable reports.

50+ customisable reports

Temporary Staffing

Through our Vendor Neutral solution, we partner with 80 public and private sector organisations in the UK. They use our technology and end-to-end processes to fill £330m of temporary staffing services each year. Each and every week, over 2500 local recruitment suppliers interact with CR.Net to supply over 15,000 temporary workers across a broad range of different skills categories.


What categories of temporary staff do we procure?

CR.Net is currently being used by our customers to procure over 20 different skills categories of temporary staff, ranging from general Sec/Admin roles, through to more specialist roles such as Social Care - Qualified. To view the roles we are currently procuring near you, take a look at our demand site.


Permanent Staffing

We use the same process to help save organisations time and money on permanent recruitment. It significantly reduces the time to hire by providing an efficient solution, along with comprehensive Management Information. CR.net enables HR to understand who they’re reaching with their permanent requirements and how diverse their application process is.