As part of Matrix SCM's approach to continually improve and support HR and Procurement professionals, we have been conducting research into different areas of recruitment. Please find below a series of reports we have created off the back of this research, and remember if you have any questions, ideas or would like to learn more please get in touch here

Integrating Systems

Integrating Systems to Improve Recruitment Processes

By connecting CR.NET to wider business processes and systems we can digitise elements of the hiring process, speeding them up and removing manual work.

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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Brexit Hackathon, PPMA, Matrix SCM, LGSC

At the PPMA Annual Conference, we asked our membership which areas that they would like us to focus on in a new research programme.

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Enabling Future Workforce

Enabling Future Workforce Planning Through Data

Insight into how HR Leaders can deliver through data across local government, the brochure starts by identifying the drivers for transformation in 2019 before exploring the evidence of these changes and identifying new ways of working.

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Recruitment Supply Chain Management

Recruitment Supply Chain Management: What Is It And How Does It Achieve Better Outcomes?

Helping you to understand what a Supply Chain is, what options are out there for creating one and how they can help you achieve savings, improve fulfilment rates, simply and more efficiently.

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Deploying Digital For Better Recruitment Outcomes

Deploying Digital For Better Recruitment Outcomes

Looking at how organisations can overcome talent shortages and support the ever-increasing need to save time and money.

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Public Sector Recruitment

Public Sector Recruitment: How To Get Full Visibility Of Spend And Tighter Control Of Costs:

Covering how Local Authorities can get greater control of their recruitment spend, we speak to leading councils to showcase how they are getting full visibility and saving money.

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Delivering Quality Health And Social Care

Delivering Quality Health And Social Care In Uncertain Times: How To Get Control Over The Supply And Cost Of Agency Workers

Understanding what a supply chain is, what the typical problems are and what your options are to overcome them.

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Charity Sector Recruitment

Charity Sector Recruitment: How To Reduce Risk And Get Greater Control Over Costs

Our team look at how Charities can take back control of their supply chain, create full transparency during the recruitment process and ensure every worker is compliant.

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Client Insight

Client Insight: Building Resilience To Meet Ever-Changing Recruitment Needs

Covering why Councils need a resilent approach to there recruitment, what this means and with insight from 5 leading councils first-hand experience of what happened when they changed their approach.

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