Our Neutral Vendor Managed Service allows clients to procure temporary staff through a single point of contact, with full visibility and total control of agency spend that is 100% compliant

Matrix SCM's Neutral Vendor model manages the end-to-end recruitment process for our clients, creating fair competition for all recruitment agencies in the supply chain, which drives fulfilment rates on average to 99.6%. This model combines our purpose-built procurement system Matrix CR that manages your hiring processes and allows your managers to release roles to pre-approved recruitment agencies within minutes. With our expert staff who will manage the supply chain of agencies, support your staff with 24/7 Account Management support and strategic support through our Business Management team.

What is included in our Neutral Vendor Managed Service?

Matrix SCM's vision is to bring Technology and People together to improve Clients recruitment processes and supply chains. This is true in our Neutral Vendor model where we combine our market-leading system with expert staff to drive down spend and increase visibility and control:

Account and Business Management

Account and Business Management

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Matrix CR is our purpose-built end-to-end procurement software, that manages the process of engaging temporary staff in a simple and streamlined manner 24/7. We provide clients with their own tailored web-based version of Matrix CR, to ensure their exact policies are reflected in the system. Creating a one-stop shop for Hiring Managers where they can raise new orders, review candidates, arrange interviews, manage placements and approve timesheets, all in one platform.

It takes 2-4 minutes to complete a brand-new order from start to finish and only workers who meet the minimum standards of skills, competencies and qualifications, as defined by the hiring managers will be shortlisted by our supply chain of recruitment agencies for selection.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Matrix fundamentally believes that engaging with the broadest possible supply chain and stimulating competition, will be key to establishing a supply chain that delivers clients a consistent stream of high-quality candidates across all required job categories.

Stage 1: Promote Continuity – enrol all incumbents (on average retaining 98% of the existing supply chain)

Stage 2: Create Reserve Capacity: ensure a quality supply chain across each job category

Stage 3: Introduce Competition: We work with 2,500+ recruitment agencies

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Account and Business Management

Account and Business Management

You’ll come to think of our staff as your own. We provide our customers with a dedicated Account Manager who will take a proactive approach to the day-to-day running of your contract. They’ll ensure you’re always getting the best from our services and technology, they will also be responsible for agency worker compliance and will carry out all pre-employment checks to ensure contractors meet mandatory requirements.

All of our customers are also assigned an experienced Business Manager who will look at your contract strategically, making sure you receive the best value, service and ensuring your hiring process is running as smoothly and effectively as possible.

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Who uses Matrix SCM's Neutral Vendor Managed Service?

Neutral Vendor Managed service is ideal for Local Authorities that have previously struggled with the fulfilment of roles with a Master Vendor or Preferred Supplier List arrangement, and require more transparency and control over spend. Our Neutral Vendor model is proven to work with small District Councils through to the largest Authorities in the UK.


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