May 2019

Today our Social Value Team facilitated the first of three employability workshops at Westminster Adult Education Service. The programme was designed to assist ESOL students on their search for work.


What was involved in today’s workshop?

Being the first of three workshops, today focused on helping students discover roles through Job Searching, CV Writing to help them apply for roles, as well as Practice Interviews to help them secure the job. We had some great feedback from the day and caught some great photos which featured some key messages.


Discussing Interview Techniques:

During the day, we talked through lots of different techniques that students can utilise during interview processes. One of the key techniques Siobhan discussed was the STAR technique of answering competency based questions.

Discussing Interview Techniques

This is a fantastic way of showcasing how a candidate has developed their skills from previous experiences. So whenever you are in an interview, remember:



Set the Scene


What was your individual task/role?


What was your response? What action did you take?


A positive result and what you learnt from the situation. Anything you’d do differently next time?


Workshop 1 of 3:

Being the first of three workshops with the college, we are excited to facilitate more work with a number of different classes, meeting and supporting the fantastic students on their journey into work.

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Workshop 1 of 3