Jul 2019

Our regeneration team have been working with Kentish Town Job Centre, supporting some of the young people they engage with through a series of Mentoring Circles.


What's a mentoring circle?

Instead of traditional one-to-one mentorships where a mentor sits down with mentee for a chat, mentoring circles involve a number of mentees, usually about 5 or 6, who sit down – usually in a circle – to discuss a topic of interest with one (or multiple) mentors who have expertise or experience in that subject matter.


What's involved?

Mentoring circles combine the beauty of mentoring with elements of coaching and action learning. So as well providing information and advice to the mentees the circles provide the opportunity to share challenges, reflect on past actions and learn by doing.

Our sessions so far have covered writing a CV, succeeding at interview, managing your time efficiently and identifying your skills. Volunteers from our supply chain have also become mentors and shared their many career stories. We’ve practised interviews, played team building games and shared our plans for the future.


The outcomes:

Over the course of the sessions, we have seen a huge increase in the confidence of these young people. The sessions provided the young people with the necessary tools to succeed at the interview, manage their time effectively and set realistic goals.